Our Recent Results

Past results are no guarantee of future success. Each case outcome is determined on its own merits.

$225,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision

Elderly woman with non-surgical injuries recovers after being sideswiped by a commercial van on Interstate 270.

$150,000 – Uninsured Motorist Benefits Claim

Bader & Murov obtained the full policy limits (stacked three times) of uninsured motorist benefits for a man who was rear-ended in the City of St. Louis, even though the at-fault party was insured.

$150,000 Jury Verdict – Premises Liability

Jackson County jury finds against City of Kansas City in case of broken ankle injury suffered by man who stepped in deep sidewalk hole.

$100,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision

Full compensation obtained for woman with minor, soft-tissue injuries caused by drunken driver.

$100,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision

Young mother who required arthroscopic shoulder repair after highway collision recovers full insurance policy limits from the at-fault driver and her own under-insured motorist benefits.

$100,000 Jury Verdict- Motor Vehicle Collision

Jury awards compensation to woman with shoulder injury caused by negligent teenage driver.