St. Louis Maritime Injury Lawyers – Jones Act

Maritime jobs mean hard work and dangerous conditions. Despite the hazardous conditions, seamen, like railroaders, are typically not protected by state workers’ compensation laws.  Instead, to recover compensation for an on-the-job injury, a seaman has the burden to prove liability and damages, which the employer and its insurance company will fight at every turn. Maritime employers often refuse any compensation whatsoever, leaving an employee or their families to struggle with the aftermath of a tragedy. The maritime injury lawyers at Bader & Murov fight to level the playing field for the injured employee.  We have successfully battled maritime employers and insurers to force full compensation.

The Jones Act is a law that provides specific protection for seamen who suffer personal injury or illness due to employer negligence or the unseaworthiness of its vessels and equipment. The Jones Act was enacted to offer relief to injured seamen in the maritime industry and to help ensure that they receive appropriate compensation for their injuries. Contact our maritime injury lawyers if you or a loved one has had a maritime personal injury.

The aftermath of a maritime accident can be uncertain and costly – from medical expenses to lost wages to out-of-pocket expenses. This doesn’t even consider the pain, suffering, and anxiety that can also come with trauma. The burdens associated with an on-the-job injury can be debilitating for any family.  Trying to get help from unsympathetic employers and the insurance companies – whose goal is to save themselves money – can be an overwhelming task. 

As maritime injury lawyers, we represent those who have been injured or lost loved ones. Insurance companies will do anything to avoid paying full compensation. One of the benefits of employing our experienced team is that we have already handled these types of cases for decades, so we understand what is at stake. We work diligently in our practice to achieve a fair outcome. We seek full and fair compensation that not only covers medical expenses and lost wages, but also provides ongoing necessary support for you and your family in the aftermath of an accident.

The attorneys at Bader & Murov are fierce advocates for the individual, and we take pride in our diligent, thorough representation.  We partner with our clients to dig into the details and do the hard  work that results in success, including: 

  • Reviewing accident reports, Coast Guard investigation materials, and all incident documentation;
  • Tracking down all evidence, including videos, photos and surveillance camera footage;
  • Interviewing witnesses, coworkers, medical providers, and friends and family;
  • Hiring and consulting with professionals that may provide expert testimony on your behalf;
  • Developing a sound legal strategy to overcome insurance company tactics; and,
  • Handling all communications with employers and insurance companies.

Often, our attorneys are able to negotiate an out-of-court settlement, helping to provide fair compensation to our clients. But, in the event a settlement can’t be reached, we will go to court to fight for you. We are experienced, precise, and relentless in our efforts to ensure that our client’s voices are heard and their financial needs are met. We are passionate about what we do.  

We always work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you don’t pay for our services unless we bring a favorable outcome to your case. Let us help guide you through the complex workings of maritime injury law, the Jones Act, and other applicable legal precedence.  Allow us to fight for you and get you the result you truly deserve. 

Working as a seaman can be quite dangerous but Bader & Murov is here to fight for your safety. Contact our maritime injury lawyers if you’ve been hurt by a careless employer. Call today for a free consultation.